Head to Toe Polka Dot

diy polka dot pants, polka dot jeans, pink chai, mom fashion, pink chai stylediy polka dot pants, mom fashion, pink chai, polka dot denimhead to toe polka dot, polka dot jeans, diy polka dot pants, pink chai, mom fashionHead to Toe Polka Dots:

  • Polka Dot Pants: DIY
  • Button Down: Jacob (2007)
  • Polka Dot Sweater: Old Navy
  • Shoes: Aldo

I’m a little polka dot obsessed right now, which is clearly evidenced in today’s head to toe polka dot look. I usually shy away from prints in general (especially on the bottom half of my body,) but I took a risk today – and it paid off! There’s the first lesson of the year kids; take fashion risks.

Considering the year is brand spanking new I won’t promise big risks all the time – I’d rather wait a few months before setting unreasonably high expectations of myself, and ending up with an “F” for fail. Which is generally what happens when I set fashion related goals or challenges. Jokes aside, since this is my first outfit post of the year, I thought it would be fun to revisit my style resolutions post from last year and also set some new intentions for 2013.

In January 2012 I made three style resolutions; try to do more with my hair, show off my shoes, and explore the world of lipstick. I pretty much did nothing with my hair except for this one accidental up-do, courtesy of another attempt at growing out my bangs. The shoe resolution was a total flop. In fact, the shoes worn in today’s post appeared over 20 times on the blog! (Check them out here, here, here, and here). The one area I did make progress in was lipstick. I’ve experimented with pinks and berries, and also added Russian Red by MAC to my list of favourites.

For 2013 I’ve come up with four style resolutions that I think really fit the direction I’m headed in for the new year. Here they are:

1. Shop with Intention - Last year I did a lot of shopping, but it wasn’t always well thought out. This year I really want to think about the things that I need, save up for quality purchases, and shop with a plan. You’ll probably see less new pieces on the blog, but the ones that do get added to my closet will be investments in a well curated wardrobe.

2. Create and Re-purpose -  I really enjoy creating “wardrobe hacks” – you know, turning one thing into something else, or updating an existing piece, but I’ve let the DIY’ing slide a little last year. This year I plan to set aside time every week to create and DIY both clothing and things for my home. It’s really one of the best ways to develop and share your personal style.

3. Really Study Clothing and Designers - Recently I’ve become really intrigued with studying the history of certain designers, textiles, and time periods. As an extension of my shopping with intention resolution, I also want to really understand the designers and pieces I purchase. Why is a certain fabric better than the other? Why does one designer’s silhouette look better than another’s? Fashion is an interest of mine so I think it’s worth studying further.

4. Support Smaller Designers and Artisans - As someone who runs a home based business I understand the ups and downs of self-employment, yet I haven’t been very supportive of smaller businesses this year. This year I’m going to make an effort to search out local designers, and amazing handmade products online. Although I can’t always buy everything, I can use my blog, freelance writing, and social media outlets to help promote the lesser known names.

I’m especially thrilled that my DIY polka dot pants already give me one point for resolutions number two! What do you think of my style resolutions? Do you have any more of your own for the year? I would love if you left a comment and let me know what they are!

PS: I’m linking up to What I Wore Wednesday today!

old navy polka dot sweater, pink chai, fashion for moms, diy polka dot pantsThe same polka dot sweater worn with burgundy jeans

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16 thoughts on “Head to Toe Polka Dot

  1. I love me some polka dots although a few years ago I would have never worn them. I like the dual dots look – looks great!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maria. The dual dots were a bit of a stretch for me, but fun to try!

  2. Those polka dot pants turned out fab! I would never have guessed they were DIY which is the best result isn’t it?!

    My style resolutions are similar to yours in that I want to shop with more intention, try shopping consignment and vintage more often (an not just for accessories) and splurge on items that will have closet longevity.

    1. Thanks Jane:) I love shopping vintage – but you have to be really patient to find the best stuff!

  3. I wore polka dots yesterday! Last year I was obsessed with stripes… guess its polka dots this year!

    1. Stripes, polka dots, and chambray = fashion bloggers uniform! I’m still working on the chambray, but I have the stripes and dots covered:)

  4. Oh man, I hear you about the hair. I’ve spent most of my blog with my hair looking like a disaster so I’ve been trying to step it up a little lately and actually try to do *something* with it. I really like how you’ve styled yours here, it has a very fun retro vibe but with tons of movement.

    And I love your polka dotted pants! I think the prints on bottom are easier to pull off when they’re darker, bright florescent pink and orange seems to be challenging.

    1. Thanks Katie! So kind about my hair…we have a difficult relationship – me and my hair! And yes, dark is definitely easier for prints:)

  5. Love love love these pants! I’ve been looking for a pair but I don’t want to spend too much until I figure out how much I’ll wear them. This diy is perfect!

    1. I know what you mean Christy. Most of the printed pants I’ve seen in the stores are just too much for me, that’s why I decided to DIY!

  6. You look AWESOME in head to toe polka dots..super impressed with that DIY. Old Navy has a cute pair on sale for 18 bucks..you are inspiring me to get them…DIY’s never work out for me..lol. Always a consumer over here.
    Happy New Year!

    1. This is so easy to do. After I did mine I found a few tutorials online where people used fabric paint and dipped a pencil eraser in as a stamp – even easier than what I did!

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