Daily Outfit: Welcome to June-uary

black and white striped tee with white skirtblack and white striped tee with white skirtrainbow quoteblack and white tee shirt and white skirtblack and white tee shirt and white skirt

  • Tee Shirt: Zara 
  • Skirt: Jessica via Sears
  • Boots: Spring 
  • Belt: Forever 21
  • Bracelets: Thrifted

For my readers that live in parts of the world where June actually means warm weather; when can I come and visit you? Weather on the west coast of Canada is such a tease. We finally got a few nice days last week and now it’s back to damp and dreary. 


Since I’m sure no one came to visit today to hear me complain or make awkward dinner party small talk…let’s move onto the outfit chat. This outfit is what happens when you refuse to accept that it is raining in June, put on a pretty little outfit with sandals, step in a puddle, and then promptly return home to put on your boots. Riveting little story huh? If you invite me over for a visit I promise to be more interesting and refrain from telling really bad stories about my day, pinkie swear.

PS: I’m linking this post up to the Indian Fashion Bloggers Black & White Remix Challenge. Check out the post I recently wrote for the site called; Do You Blog for Business or for Fun?

black and white tee shirt and white skirt

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I’m Raj – a work from home mom, full-time social media marketer, part-time style writer and wannabe crafter. These days I’m living on a latte budget and dreaming of pink champagne, and pretty little baubles. When I’m not hiding behind my iPad, you can find me at the kitchen table sewing or DIYing; most likely covered in glue and glitter!

11 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Welcome to June-uary

  1. Great blog!
    Loving All your outfits, they really stand out!

    Love the stripes and the yellow here:)

    Shubhi’s Revels!

  2. Haha! I lived in Washington state for a long time & can relate to rainy June’s. I am now in Arizona where June means staying inside because the temperature hits 43+ degrees Celsius!

    I like how you accessorized this outfit with yellow –it adds a hint of sunshine!

  3. I love the yellow accessories and I may be biased as it is my favorite color :)

  4. that is such a beautiful quote! so true, you need both the good and bad. as for the outfit- love the bright belt! :)

  5. Oh, this west coast weather – hasn’t it just been the worst?? So glad the sun is out now! It looks like you made the most of a quick sunny break to snap these photos. I love the addition of yellow accessories to a black and white ensemble. It’s unexpected but very pretty :)

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