Daily Outfit: Feeling Butterflies

Green summer dress and butterfly bagGreen summer dress and butterfly bagYour dream job does not exist, you must create it!Green summer dress and butterfly purseGreen summer dress and butterfly bag

  • Dress: Target
  • Butterfly Bag: Aldo (shop similar)
  • Shoes: Aldo (shop)
  • Scarf: Thrifted
  • Bracelets: Various
It’s Friday morning confession time; I’ve been avoiding the blog for a few days. The last couple of weeks things have been really productive, and the feedback has been so positive that I was starting to experience a little performance anxiety. For some reason stringing together even a few lines that resemble something like a blog post has been the biggest struggle.
This might be a personal hang-up, but I wonder if any one else starts to feel the sensation of butterflies in the pit of your stomach when everything is going right? I’ve worked in some pretty un-fulfilling jobs that were sort-of sucking the life out me, and now I get to do things that I love everyday (including managing this blog), it’s sort of unbelievable and sometimes overwhelming, in the most awesome way.
So in short, I got a little crazy obsessed with creating perfect blog posts this week and totally lost sight of the master plan; find your passion, create the perfect job, do what you love, repeat daily.

Green summer dress and butterfly bagphotos by: www.jeannemarieeng.com


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7 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Feeling Butterflies

  1. aw i love this post!! yes i do know what you mean for sure! i think whenever you go for something a little outside your comfort zone you feel that because there is so much riding on it, but i find if you go for something you really want it always works out in the end!!


  2. This is just the post I really needed! I’ve been working in a profession that isn’t really my dream job and I’ve been trying to make a transition out of it but I really need to get the ball rolling. I know the feeling all too well of going to a job where it feels like it sucks the life out of you!

  3. need to go to target and snag that dress!

  4. You look darling. I love your thoughts on creating your own dream job. I am now following for inspiration.

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